The Way to Design by Steve Vassallo


The 21st century will be the designer’s century, because the most interesting innovation is happening at the top of the stack—at the interface with end users—where technology meets design, and where a swipe right or a hold might decide the next breakout business. This book is for entrepreneurial designers who want to know what it takes to start a company, and for non-designer entrepreneurs and executives who want to understand how to make design a core value of their business.

"Design can’t be just the art of making beautiful objects. It has to be the act of making life better for those in need. The Way to Design is the first practical and inspirational guide for designers who want to create positive change in the world."
Joe Gebbia, Chief Product Officer and Cofounder, Airbnb
"If you’re on a journey to create a new venture, your indispensable compass should be The Way to Design. Steve Vassallo will show you how to ask better questions and build your way to innovative answers. Above all, this remarkable guide will help you weave a design mindset into the fabric of your organization."
Diego Rodriguez, Partner and Global Managing Director, IDEO
"This very readable book is full of wisdom about design and designers. I highly recommend it as both a personal career guide for aspiring entrepreneurs, and as an authoritative source on how to create design-centric companies."
Bernard Roth, Academic Director and Cofounder, Stanford
"This is a beautiful primer on why design is so important for today’s startups. And it articulates crucial tactics for designer founders. If you’re a designer looking to lead your own company: read The Way to Design."
Ben Blumenfeld, General Partner and Cofounder, Designer Fund